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→ Movie "The Vow" - Devout Christian Couple


THATAWESOMEMOMENT when I found out that the real life couple of the movie were actually Christians, I’m like.


after watching the movie last night, something inside of me tells me that there’s more to this ‘love story’. And I was right, only God can make something such amazing and beautiful love story as this one!

Although in the movie the director refused to not include any ‘Christianity’ in it, it’s okay. I’m sure a lot of people were inspired by this story and left them curious to who these couple are and how they managed to stay together.

This is probably my favorite chick-flick movie everrr. (don’t judge me.)

Click the link for the actual testimony of the couple!

Since I saw this movie early this year, it has been one of my all-time favorites for many reasons. It’s probably though most REAL romance movie you are likely to ever see, which I believe mainly for the same reason that many DON’T like it: because of the ending. It’s not a “perfect” ending, by the stereotypical love story’s standards. BUT IT IS AN ENDING MADE PERFECT BY DETERMINATION AND FAITH IN GOD.