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last fall, the Lord blessed me with the privilege of loving and mentoring a truly amazing group of high school freshman and sophomore girls.

how gracious i am for the opportunity to travel near them on their walk with God, and be their sister and friend!!

can’t get over how fully i am blessed! :D

can’t wait to see my girls tonight! <3

when you can feel God molding you into the person you’re supposed to be…

the feeling is absolutely incredible.

this summer, i dedicated my life to Christ in a new way. i decided to dedicate my time to my church and actually live to glorify God.

since then, i’ve begun working and volunteering at my church.

i’m a full-time teacher for an amazing class of 16 two-year-olds at our state-licensed child care center, and a small group leader for the freshmen girls in our high school youth group, insideout.

today, i got to take my girls out bowling after group with a bunch of the other high school groups, and was approached by one of the head-leaders of insideout. we never really get to talk much, other than stuff concerning iso.

he wanted to talk about the fact that his wife had sat-in on the last 2 meetings. he said that the freshmen girl group is one of the most challenging, and when they needed to find a new leader for them, they wanted one who could truly reach these girls and provide support and true friendship and mentorship.

he said he was skeptical when i “pretty much came out of nowhere” and volunteered, but decided to put me in. he recently wanted to check on how things were going after me being in there a few months, so he sent in his wife.

she reported back nothing but splendid remarks, saying i was “amazing” and “so wonderful with the girls”. he said she was blown away.

i was so happy, and so thankful. being a small group leader has truly been a difficult, difficult task, and i’ve worked so hard. it’s so nice to hear that i’m doing a good job. God has just helped me through this so much, and i can really see Him softening these girls’ hearts, and preparing them for such purpose-filled lives.

it’s so rewarding, and i feel as though i am evolving into what God has planned for me. i’m so beyond blessed <3