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Ok, here’s my predicament:

My aunt got an ipad, and is selling her kindle fire. She said I can have it, and bumped down the price super-cheap, knowing I was restricting my spending to bare essentials to save up for YWAM.

I know for the sake of packing and traveling, a kindle is ideal. I could fit the books I need for DTS on there, as well as my bible, and many books that I will have to leave at home, simply because luggage space is limited.

But at the same time, I love just having books. I love, reading them, writing in them, underlining, highlighting, using them to reference, lending them to others to read. I love their SMELL!

So, what should I do? Is it smarter to acquire the kindle, or to stay with a limited amount of books? Thoughts? Opinions?

Today is my last day in California.

I’m so sad to be leaving this place, that in only a few days, went from a destination to, in all honesty, what feels like home.
But I am returning home with a mission to accomplish. And in these last six months, my mind and eyes will be focused.
It will be beautiful, and all for His glory.