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one awesome payday!

have enough now to buy my bus tickets to san francisco as well as pay off my deposit for my hotel AND the deposit for ywam :D

God provides!!! 

it’s pay day, and i now officially have my first installment for ywam san francisco!


i turn 20 in exactly one month.

i can’t even begin to explain how excited i am for my twenties!

i want to do so much for the kingdom of God in these early years. and so many personal goals.

in JUST the next year and a half, i’ll be beginning my discipleship training, doing mission outreaches in italy and morroco, relocating to the opposite side of the country (after never having left the east coast before)! CRAZY!

and in the next decade, i want to continue doing mission work in at least 5 more countries (indonesia, iceland, uganda, thailand, australia, and the uk), begin working on “social-networking” between my home church and other churches around the world, attend a hillsong conference, write a book, help victims of human trafficking, and help rescue children fallen victim to the slavery industry.

and go wherever the Father leads me along the way.

i’d also like to hopefully get married somewhere in there, but that’s not so much up to me as it is to God.

they’re big plans, some HUGE plans. but i know that our God is a God who stops the sun and parts the sea. it is NOTHING difficult or not doable for His greatness. :)