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Ok, here’s my predicament:

My aunt got an ipad, and is selling her kindle fire. She said I can have it, and bumped down the price super-cheap, knowing I was restricting my spending to bare essentials to save up for YWAM.

I know for the sake of packing and traveling, a kindle is ideal. I could fit the books I need for DTS on there, as well as my bible, and many books that I will have to leave at home, simply because luggage space is limited.

But at the same time, I love just having books. I love, reading them, writing in them, underlining, highlighting, using them to reference, lending them to others to read. I love their SMELL!

So, what should I do? Is it smarter to acquire the kindle, or to stay with a limited amount of books? Thoughts? Opinions?

Today is my last day in California.

I’m so sad to be leaving this place, that in only a few days, went from a destination to, in all honesty, what feels like home.
But I am returning home with a mission to accomplish. And in these last six months, my mind and eyes will be focused.
It will be beautiful, and all for His glory.

‎”as for me and my friends? we were just a couple kids, falling in love with someone we couldn’t see, but living His great love with dynamic purpose. our mission was to make the word ‘church’ an action rather than an object.”
hey, guys! i wanted to tell you guys that my mission donations button is up!

i have both the donations button and the matthew 28:19 bracelet button.

i’d advise if you are looking to purchase a bracelet (picture below), leave me an ask first. the bracelets are not in yet and i don’t want you all waiting so long to recieve them.

however, if you are simply looking to donate to my mission and outreach, by all means use that one :)

AND AS AN ADDED BONUS, all who donate with a tumblr will get a PROMO A DAY for 3 DAYS as a humble symbol of my sincerest appreciation! :)

i never promo, but it’s so worth it when someone is being so selfless :)

saving up for my outreach and training is NOT going to be easy, but i am SO CONFIDENT that our amazing God will provide for me! even your smallest prayer is SO APPRECIATED! thank you everyone!

if you have any questions or comments concerning my soon-to-be-endeavors at ywam, do not hesitate to ask :))

thanks again SOOOOO much!!!