My adoration rests in my SAVIOR. I'm a former missionary and current coffee snob, living on the outskirts of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This blog is my blog for ministry, and little parts of my life you may find fun, inspiring, or crazy. - Kristin, 21.
Our Father’s House has a welcome mat.

It is carved with valleys. It covers vast oceans. It is freckled with forests and stained with painted canyons. It reached further than the eye can see and occupies every which corner and crevice of this Earth we inhabit.
You are standing on that welcome mat. At this very moment you reside at the threshold of the Kingdom if the Most High, and our Father is saying with favor and love, “Welcome home, my dear child.”

There have been feelings on my heart lately that been troubling to me.

They’ve been doing a good job at making me feel less than acceptable as a person, and downright insignificant.
Today, I was driving in my car, completely upset and crushed, when this sentence came out of nowhere and placed itself in my head:
“I cherish you, My precious daughter; even when you feel like no one else does.”
Every day, I struggle. But in my times of self-upsetting feelings and negativity, I will remember that my significance is in Him.
And because of that, I am worth more than gold. He loves me so much.

I hope that one day I can have the honor, blessing, and privilege to say that I acted as an instrument of God to bring others to Jesus Christ.

Forget fame. Forget money. Forget all of that.

It’s garbage. It’s rust. It’s disposable.

Let me be a tool for the Lord’s glory and an earth-defined nobody. Then I will be a Father-defined somebody.

When I dedicated my heart to God, I figured He would give what I need to get by successfully, bless me with my necessities.


He examined my heart and mind, noted my most honest desires and fears and hopes, filled a resevoir-sized tank full of grace and favor, and plunged me into it, and drowned me in His goodness!

GAHH! Sorry if I sound crazy right now, guys! It’s just so amazing to feel my Dad’s love.

I’m all giddy tonight.

There’s something to be said about someone that can make you smile until your cheeks literally hurt. Or make you sing like there’s not a soul listening, when there most definitely are. Or when you are without words, completely in awe.

These people are blessings from God. Don’t under-appreciate the people He floats into your life.

They are the one’s that would never hurt you, because they know that Christ is their protecting armor. They will never forsake you, because they know they have been inherited into the family of the Almighty God. They can come into your life like a low creeping fog, but linger like the smell of rain in the warm summertime.

You can bear to them your weaknesses, and they will dedicate themselves to you, appreciating those weaknesses as medals of honor, as your triumph in the Name of God, through testimony.

If someone comes to mind when reading this, thank God, and rejoice in the love He has for you.

Two amazing Christ-driven friends of mine are getting married today!

I love you, Chris and Margeaux! I’m so happy to see your lives and hearts conjoined as one in our amazing Father!
You both are beautiful and I couldn’t be happier that you two have each other!

Today, I had the experience of running into two guys I graduated high school with. We were all art buddies- I spent my free periods sketching and creating, as did they. And though all 3 of us were Christians, for much of my high school career, my actions were not a good representation of my God.

The normal questions arose. “How are you?” “What have you been up to?” 

After doing the asking, they returned the questions, and I told them about my quick-approaching move to California, discipleship training, and outreach in Vietnam.

They were pretty stunned, but greeted my statements with the most sincere remarks of encouragement, and love. They were two brothers I never knew I had.

God can come into someone’s life, and in a split-second, their entire lives can change, and transform. The metamorphosis of a spiritually-dead creature to a spiritually-alive disciple, with a heart thirsty for God, is one of the most beautiful things, both to witness as well as to experience firsthand.

Never count yourself out, if you feel you are yet to be transformed by God. He is there, waiting for you to reach out to Him in sincerity. He will wait for you as long as it takes- He wants you that bad!! He is crazy in love with you!!

Keep strong, brothers and sisters <3

Beautiful Father, You’ve placed blessings in my burdens.

Let me NEVER forget that. You’ve given me weapons against the enemy in the very hurts he’s tried to inflict on me.

I won’t be taken down by the likes of him! YOU are my protection, my love, my inheritance, and YOUR LOVE is my means of his destruction!

My beautiful Father, I long for nothing but to delight in Your Name!

Let my heart be so full of satisfaction in You, that if I were ripped from my house, my friends, my comforts, that I would do nothing but praise You for allowing me to retain the knowledge and faith in Your Holy ways!

I will follow at your feet like a child- YOUR child! 

Your love and sacrifice is my bread, my water, my shelter, my oxygen!

I need nothing else, but You!