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Two amazing Christ-driven friends of mine are getting married today!

I love you, Chris and Margeaux! I’m so happy to see your lives and hearts conjoined as one in our amazing Father!
You both are beautiful and I couldn’t be happier that you two have each other!

→ Singleness and the Next Generation. (David Platt)

If you’ve ever wondered what was so wrong with you that you don’t have a significant other, or why God proceeds to “taunt you” with singleness; if your singleness feels like a burden, like the only real relationship you have is with the ball and chain of singleness; this is for you.

my beautiful ladies!

if the significant man in your life chooses His relationship with God the Father over you, don’t be offended or hurt! he knows that in order to love you with all the love that you deserve (which is an INCREDIBLE, UNIMAGINABLE amount!) he must design his love to match that of Christ for His church.

and that love is ENDLESS!