My adoration rests in my SAVIOR. I'm a former missionary and current coffee snob, living on the outskirts of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This blog is my blog for ministry, and little parts of my life you may find fun, inspiring, or crazy. - Kristin, 21.
It makes me so excited when my sister, Brianna, and her friends come to me with issues, and want to know how to address them in a fashion pleasing to our Father.

It took me years to figure out how to do that, and I adore the thought of my little loves learning and developing faster than I did in the ways of living in a Christ-like manner.

They make me proud :’))

young girls today need to be told that the size of your heart matters a great deal more than the size of your jeans.

you’re beautiful! whichever size you are, whatever “imperfections” you possess, love it!

God woven that into your being when He created you, and He did it for a purpose.

never doubt your worth or beauty- you are a shining daughter of the Most High!


your sister in Christ <3

last fall, the Lord blessed me with the privilege of loving and mentoring a truly amazing group of high school freshman and sophomore girls.

how gracious i am for the opportunity to travel near them on their walk with God, and be their sister and friend!!

can’t get over how fully i am blessed! :D

can’t wait to see my girls tonight! <3

my beautiful ladies!

if the significant man in your life chooses His relationship with God the Father over you, don’t be offended or hurt! he knows that in order to love you with all the love that you deserve (which is an INCREDIBLE, UNIMAGINABLE amount!) he must design his love to match that of Christ for His church.

and that love is ENDLESS!

three things that make girls beautiful!

1. they are beautiful brides of Christ! so, that alone makes you STUNNING!

2. modesty.

3. simplicity.