My adoration rests in my SAVIOR. I'm a former missionary and current coffee snob, living on the outskirts of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This blog is my blog for ministry, and little parts of my life you may find fun, inspiring, or crazy. - Kristin, 21.
Our Father’s House has a welcome mat.

It is carved with valleys. It covers vast oceans. It is freckled with forests and stained with painted canyons. It reached further than the eye can see and occupies every which corner and crevice of this Earth we inhabit.
You are standing on that welcome mat. At this very moment you reside at the threshold of the Kingdom if the Most High, and our Father is saying with favor and love, “Welcome home, my dear child.”

"   Our greatest fear should not be of failure but of succeeding at things in life that don’t really matter.   "
Francis Chan, Crazy Love
I hope that one day I can have the honor, blessing, and privilege to say that I acted as an instrument of God to bring others to Jesus Christ.

Forget fame. Forget money. Forget all of that.

It’s garbage. It’s rust. It’s disposable.

Let me be a tool for the Lord’s glory and an earth-defined nobody. Then I will be a Father-defined somebody.

Sometimes God makes you wait for the things you want,

Not to test your patience, but because the end result’s value and worth is amplified with every minute you’re willing to sit tight in reverence to His will.

It’ll be hard. But I’m willing to wait.

Christ-following bloggers should be concerned by the message they extend to those who visit their blogs. Not by the number of likes, reblogs, and followers.

I mean, heck. Jesus had 12 followers, and He turned out alright!

Christian, just as it is important to honor God with your actions, please remember to honor Him with your words as well.

I’m talking about swearing and cursing. Coming from a girl who in high school had one of the filthiest mouths I’ve known, it is important that your surrender to Christ is in every aspect of yourself. This includes surrendering of what you choose to say or not say.

Essentially, it is part of your testimony. So treat your vocabulary with respect.

If it didn’t come from Christ’s mouth, it probably shouldn’t come from yours.

Thanks and God bless, my family! :)

Can I pray for anyone tonight?

Reply or inbox me any prayer requests and I would be more than happy to pray for you! :)

So may I pray for you?

Today, I had the experience of running into two guys I graduated high school with. We were all art buddies- I spent my free periods sketching and creating, as did they. And though all 3 of us were Christians, for much of my high school career, my actions were not a good representation of my God.

The normal questions arose. “How are you?” “What have you been up to?” 

After doing the asking, they returned the questions, and I told them about my quick-approaching move to California, discipleship training, and outreach in Vietnam.

They were pretty stunned, but greeted my statements with the most sincere remarks of encouragement, and love. They were two brothers I never knew I had.

God can come into someone’s life, and in a split-second, their entire lives can change, and transform. The metamorphosis of a spiritually-dead creature to a spiritually-alive disciple, with a heart thirsty for God, is one of the most beautiful things, both to witness as well as to experience firsthand.

Never count yourself out, if you feel you are yet to be transformed by God. He is there, waiting for you to reach out to Him in sincerity. He will wait for you as long as it takes- He wants you that bad!! He is crazy in love with you!!

Keep strong, brothers and sisters <3

I hear so many people say, “I’d like to do this or that, but I’m waiting for God to give me a sign that I should do it.”

How about you just go! And go with reckless abandon and bold intensity.
If it’s right, God will just increase your momentum.
If it’s wrong, He’ll close the door.
Simple as that! :)

Beautiful Father, You’ve placed blessings in my burdens.

Let me NEVER forget that. You’ve given me weapons against the enemy in the very hurts he’s tried to inflict on me.

I won’t be taken down by the likes of him! YOU are my protection, my love, my inheritance, and YOUR LOVE is my means of his destruction!

My beautiful Father, I long for nothing but to delight in Your Name!

Let my heart be so full of satisfaction in You, that if I were ripped from my house, my friends, my comforts, that I would do nothing but praise You for allowing me to retain the knowledge and faith in Your Holy ways!

I will follow at your feet like a child- YOUR child! 

Your love and sacrifice is my bread, my water, my shelter, my oxygen!

I need nothing else, but You!

→ Movie "The Vow" - Devout Christian Couple


THATAWESOMEMOMENT when I found out that the real life couple of the movie were actually Christians, I’m like.


after watching the movie last night, something inside of me tells me that there’s more to this ‘love story’. And I was right, only God can make something such amazing and beautiful love story as this one!

Although in the movie the director refused to not include any ‘Christianity’ in it, it’s okay. I’m sure a lot of people were inspired by this story and left them curious to who these couple are and how they managed to stay together.

This is probably my favorite chick-flick movie everrr. (don’t judge me.)

Click the link for the actual testimony of the couple!

Since I saw this movie early this year, it has been one of my all-time favorites for many reasons. It’s probably though most REAL romance movie you are likely to ever see, which I believe mainly for the same reason that many DON’T like it: because of the ending. It’s not a “perfect” ending, by the stereotypical love story’s standards. BUT IT IS AN ENDING MADE PERFECT BY DETERMINATION AND FAITH IN GOD.

It makes me so excited when my sister, Brianna, and her friends come to me with issues, and want to know how to address them in a fashion pleasing to our Father.

It took me years to figure out how to do that, and I adore the thought of my little loves learning and developing faster than I did in the ways of living in a Christ-like manner.

They make me proud :’))