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Words CANNOT describe how excited I am that YWAM begins in less than 2 months!

And super excited for the opportunity to leave for Cali 3 days early to visit my close friend in Santa Barbara, and check out a possible college for the Fall 2013 semester :D

It’s going to be so amazing. SO excited for what God has in store for me!!

Today is my last day in California.

I’m so sad to be leaving this place, that in only a few days, went from a destination to, in all honesty, what feels like home.
But I am returning home with a mission to accomplish. And in these last six months, my mind and eyes will be focused.
It will be beautiful, and all for His glory.

one awesome payday!

have enough now to buy my bus tickets to san francisco as well as pay off my deposit for my hotel AND the deposit for ywam :D

God provides!!!