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Finally finished the ADVENT YOUTH DAY 2 task.

"list and keep track of the money you spend on yourself for one week, then use that money to bless or give back to someone else."
My co-worker is an older mother whose life has by no means been easy. She’s endured more heartache, tragedy, and trial than most do, and the physical and emotional toll has left her at times very bitter, impatient, and negative. She questions why God would put her through such things, and feels like giving up.
She and her family have been on my heart since we began working together, and finally I found a way to offer her some seasonal joy.
It’s known throughout the daycare that she has a very extensive collection of nutcrackers. She would usually ask for one at the company gift exchange during Christmas. However, this year, the exchange has been cancelled.
She told me how completely bummed she was because the exchange was usually the only Christmas present she got, and how there was one particular nutcracker from Target she wanted this year.
So last night I got it.
Today as the kids go together for afternoon snack, I told them this.
“guess who I talked to last night, friends! I talked to Santa Claus!”
They were intrigued as anything, so I continued.
“you know what he told me? He told me to give his present to Miss Melanie.”
I pointed to the wrapped box in he closet.
Looking utterly confused, she got the box and asked what this was.
“do you guys want her to open it?”
Unanimous “yeah!”s all around.
So she opened it and freaked out. She loved the nutcracker and was so surprised. She didn’t stop talking about it for a good 10 minutes, and even ran to show our boss lolol.
The life that found its way back to her eyes was amazing, and I realized why God had put her on my heart. It was wonderful to have Him work through me. I’d do it a million times over :)