My adoration rests in my SAVIOR. I'm a former missionary and current coffee snob, living on the outskirts of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This blog is my blog for ministry, and little parts of my life you may find fun, inspiring, or crazy. - Kristin, 21.
"He must ^ and I must v"

In the balance of Savior versus self, remember Who should be Sovereign.

When I dedicated my heart to God, I figured He would give what I need to get by successfully, bless me with my necessities.


He examined my heart and mind, noted my most honest desires and fears and hopes, filled a resevoir-sized tank full of grace and favor, and plunged me into it, and drowned me in His goodness!

GAHH! Sorry if I sound crazy right now, guys! It’s just so amazing to feel my Dad’s love.

I’m all giddy tonight.

Beautiful Father, You’ve placed blessings in my burdens.

Let me NEVER forget that. You’ve given me weapons against the enemy in the very hurts he’s tried to inflict on me.

I won’t be taken down by the likes of him! YOU are my protection, my love, my inheritance, and YOUR LOVE is my means of his destruction!

in the story of your life, God is not supposed to act as sidekick, aiding in all of your endeavors and actions.

in the story of your life, He is the Author, Narrator, and the Main Character.

your story should be about Him.

Father, You are Most Amazing and Most Powerful.

You are the calm before the storm, the eye of the storm, and the aftermath. come and leave my heart in a heap, a beautiful wreckage, so i may rebuild and dedicate my new dwelling place to You.

for out of the destruction of things and feelings of this earth, supernatural beauty and bold faith blossom from the ashes.

if you find yourself having fallen, at the bottom of a crevice, don’t simply shake a fist at God, blaming Him for pushing you in.

He’s waiting for you, the only one at the bottom, to help you climb back up to the top, so that one day you may peer down and know you needed that climb to prepare your muscles for the great, yet conquerable mountains ahead of you.

Be the girl that when she wakes up in the morning and puts her feet on the bedroom floor, satan looks up and says, “oh crap, she’s awake…”
never MEASURE your own WORTH in having a SIGNIFICANT OTHER in your life. cuz there is Someone like NO OTHER who loves you IMMEASURABLY, and counted you WORTHY enough to give His own life so that YOU may be SIGNIFICANT!

the ultimate Significant Other: Jesus Christ.